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Story of the song 'Heartbeat'


We released our new song 'Heartbeat' last week! This song has literal and poetic layers. As a surgeon, the heartbeat was the ultimate indicator of a life saved. For that reason, it “drove” me. My experience of purpose at the hospital revolved heavily around the physical - the form - and restoring health for the body in different ways was where my attention was strongly focused.

As I have developed my understanding of the heartbeat in a spiritual context, I have a much deeper appreciation for the significance it holds energetically. Yes, it is a beacon of life. But it’s also a direct and potent reflection of the flow of energy from our soul from beat to beat. The ways in which we can understand our soul activity when explored through the subtleties of the heartbeat are extraordinary. This theme unfolded in the lyrics when I first heard Kaasi’s melody in the midst of a serious health challenge. It felt like a reminder that anything is possible with faith and patience. 

Our prayer is that this song can inspire people to tune to their hearts, and to experience the potential that lies in each beat to birth us into an existence that feels authentic, expanded, and full of real living, however that looks in each life.

The song is available for streaming and download in our Music section, as well as on all streaming platforms.

Songs take lives of their own for each listener. We’d love to hear what this song means for you in the comments section below!


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