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evening sky with raven

Suvanam was created from the transformative journeys of Tara Elena Song and Casey “Kaasi" McLerren. Their collective artistry unites diverse musical influences, scientific knowledge, and ancient wisdom, generating a distinctive auditory experience that transcends boundaries.

Tara, a Seattle native born in 1983, has been passionate about music since her earliest days. Her journey, however, initially led her into the realm of science. She graduated with an undergraduate degree in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry in 2005, subsequently earning her Medical Doctorate (MD) in 2011. Her commitment to service led her to become a Head and Neck Surgeon, providing medical and surgical care globally. In her mid-twenties, Tara discovered the power of healing mantras, a path that led her to spirituality. She traveled to India in 2015 and 2016, and became deeply interested in the science of the soul. 

In her mid-thirties, Tara fell seriously ill and left her formal medical practice on a journey of self-healing. Her illness took a new form when she contracted COVID-19 in 2022. It was through this experience that she finally realized the profound connection between her lifelong love of music and the healing of her soul. 

Kaasi was born in 1984 in Stockton, California, and grew up in Auburn, CA. Music was instilled in him from a very young age in his family, and he took piano lessons from age 8 until 12, followed by electric guitar lessons from 12 until 16. His musical tastes have always spanned a wide range of genres, from rock, folk, rap and EDM to spiritual/new age. As a child he had many hobbies and aspirations. In his teens he had some challenges, doing poorly in school and ultimately dealing with addiction and rehabilitation at 18 to 19. This experience led him to seek solace in meditation and spirituality. In his early 20s his life was going well on many levels, but he left college at 22 out of a desire to study spirituality in a more focused way, driven by a sense of dissatisfaction and that there must to be something more to life. He studied meditation in India under Sri Kaleshwar throughout his 20’s, and since then his spiritual journey has opened the doors to fuse his spiritual practices with his music. 

To this day, Kaasi and Tara both study meditation and healing arts at the Divine Mother Center in Mendocino County, California.

Together, Tara and Kaasi channel their unique experiences into Suvanam, creating healing vibrations through their music. Tara's approach blends science with ancient wisdom, while Kaasi's fuses traditional Indian music with Western genres. Their shared vision is to uplift and inspire through the transformative power of music, a vision encapsulated in their debut release, 'Karuna Sai'. This genre-transcending work resonates with listeners on levels that go beyond language and culture.


In essence, Suvanam is a testament to the healing power of music, an embodiment of Tara and Kaasi's spiritual journeys, and an invitation to listeners to embark on their own journey of transformation.

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